Critical Notes and Reviews -by Vicky Karaiskou -Art Int.l Magazine, issue 32, 01-01-1997





Iro Nikopoulou
(Astrolavos-Dexameni, Oct. 2-19, 1996)
In Iro Nikopoulou's work, be it painting or installation, the counterpoints of concept and material, and the pres­ence of time seen in the traces it leaves or the process­es it demands, form the basic axes upon which she ar­ticulates her enterprise.
In relation to her previous series, the paintings re­cently shown at Astrolavos are a continuation and closer examination of the above concerns, and although their physical presence within the space has dwindled, their semantic content has expanded.
The new collage element one encounters here is the recollection of the ex­perience of the earlier installations - a clear allusion to an intended physical and semantic extension of the two-dimensional picture plane, while the often minimal presence of the media functions as an instant record or trace of the event. At the same time, the sense of the materials' perpetual life and, conversely, their ephem­eral and perishable existence, constitute two different faces/versions, simultaneously manifest in the same composition.
Nikopoulou poses questions, implies conditions, and obliges the viewer to participate in a quest for the an­swer, taking responsibility for his/her interpretive in­vestment.
Vicky Karaiskou 


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