Images of "A Fluid World", Art Int'l Magazine 36th issue 01-09-1997 byVicky Karaiskou



 Painting - Film

(Fournos Theater, June 5-9,1997)
Images of "A Fluid World", a film/visual art environment as its creators Iro Nikopoulou and Alexandras Fasois char­acterize it, was shown at the Fournos theater from June 5 to 9. In this joint project, the two artists attempted with suc­cess to wed two distinct means of expression - cinema and installation.
The aim of the project was to expand the possibilities of two typically distinct fields so as to create through in­teraction a new entity that is powerful and broadened in meaning. Nikopoulou's concave mirrors, which she'd shown previously to critical acclaim, were now enriched with new cylindrical structures. They formed the support material/surface on which were projected the fluid and non-narrative (by classical cinematic standards) im­ages from Fasois' 70s film, Amagi - The Unknown Tribe, that had its first screening at the 1996 Thessaloni-ki Film Festival.
The mirrors' concave surfaces were activated by the projection of the cinematographic image and caused three-dimensional distortions. On the other hand, the oneiric, non-logical and purely visual (from an esthetic standpoint) register of the palimpsest film images found its physical and natural space through the distortions, ions, and the ambiguous and arbitrary "cuts" by the installation of the support surfaces. The music soundtrack (also by Fasois), which followed the psychological transitions of the image, extended the action of the recorded image into the surrounding space by functioning as a bridge between the visual experi­ence and the personal, subjective interpretation of it.
Vicky Karaiskou


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